Cedar Sanderson
This is me looking at a book from a different angle…

I’m supposed to do something today. Well, rather several somethings, but I’m trying to be brief. It dawned on me that I wrote part one of a three part series back in November and left you all hanging. I do want to finish it, because it’s a fun series (I think) and important. That last word is why you aren’t getting it today.

I really need to do some research on it, not just treat you to what’s falling out of my head on the topic. For one thing, I’ll forget stuff that way. I have the memory of a gnat. For another, given perhaps another decade in the industry and I can trust what I know, but not yet. I like to back my conclusions up with, if not solid data, quotes at the least. I’m still a babe in arms, and haven’t read enough yet. Hey, I’ve only been reading for three decades (ok, a little more). I need to give it some more study.

Also, I’m writing. Trickster Noir is giving me fits: one day, I can get my word count in a couple of hours. Others, I fight tooth and nail for most of the day and still don’t quite make it. I have other things to do, book, and I need you to straighten up and behave. You hear me?

Why yes, writers are crazy.

No, I don’t expect it to listen to me. But I’ll show it – instead of writing fiction, I’ll prep press releases to promote my appearance at Chapters bookstore in Lebanon Ohio on the first of February. I’ll be talking about how to become a published author, and signing Pixie Noir copies. Swing on in, you can buy a print copy and I’ll happily answer any questions.