Encouraging Myself

Well, that took less than two weeks. I started out the year trying to set up some new routines, hoping to get more productive and work on health stuff. Tonight, I’m sitting here staring at the computer willing myself to come up with story so I can write… And feeling like crying because I’m not… Read More Encouraging Myself


Small Successes

  Small successes build into larger ones, and so on ad infinitum. Well… maybe not to infinity. But at least until the end of the timeline of our lives. Even at the low points, when we feel that we have failed, there is some small success. It’s just that you can’t always see it. We… Read More Small Successes


June Writing Data

  My monthly productivity report.  I was thinking that the whole lockdown quarantine nonsense wasn’t affecting me all that much. After all, I go to work every day. I go home. I write. I make art – usually on my lunch break. I take walks with the camera in hand and fall in love –… Read More June Writing Data