Saturday Book Promo

  A roundup of books recently released by fellow authors. I mean, if you want one of mine, I have a story in Cracked, which is still free today! But I suggest that you may find something you’d like in the diverse offerings below. If you purchase through these links, I earn a few pennies.… Read More Saturday Book Promo


Stating the obvious

It’s Monday. Since I’m usually working on the weekends, and this one was no exception, I’m a bit groggy this morning. That’s also partly because I had a nice date-night with my First Reader and we were up late (late, for us middle-aged folk, is past ten, so you know. I may be a college… Read More Stating the obvious

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Reading Noir

I’m beginning to write Trickster Noir, the sequel to Pixie Noir. To get into the mood, I’m reading noir fiction. I’ve been looking for recommendations, and was given a nice list by friends. For Pixie, I was reading Spillane and Louis L’Amour’s detective stories. I’d been reading Hammett a few months before I started writing… Read More Reading Noir