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  • Self-Portrait with Flowers: Tutorial

    Self-Portrait with Flowers: Tutorial

    I’ve been very, very busy recently, as you may have noticed. Also, I wrapped up the AstroLizards illustrations in time for TulKon at the end of the last month. You should get  yourself a copy, and maybe one for a friend! In the wake of all those illustrations and handling the stuff of life, I…

  • Tired Art: How-to

    Tired Art: How-to

    First, you try to do far too much, and get yourself to the point where all you really want to do is sleep but first, art. More seriously, this technique is what I do if I’m sick, or exhausted, but I want to keep to my daily San Check of making a piece of art…

  • Art Manipulation

    Art Manipulation

    I have the tendency when I’m bored and have a few minutes to kill, to read. If I’m not in the mood to read, I tinker with the apps on my tablet or phone. Since I’m not really a gamer (there are exceptions, and if I could find certain board games on the app store,…