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  • Odd Prompts: MidJourney Styles

    Odd Prompts: MidJourney Styles

    So, I’ve been slugging my way through a short story that is emotionally fraught. No place to fit in the prompt. What you’ve got instead is an exploration of styles available through the art AI tool, MidJourney. I use this heavily in my graphic design of various projects, and when something new comes out, I…

  • Evoke


    From the Latin ex-: out of, and vocare: to call out evocare, to call out of, to call from… I’ve been watching the conversation about art these last several weeks with interest. This is hardly the first time the art world has been set on it’s ears. I suspect that the Egyptian art community’s response…

  • Inktober Part 3: And Pen Reviews

    Inktober Part 3: And Pen Reviews

    I closed out Inktober on somewhat of a weak note, since I was busy and not really ‘feeling it’ for the last week. However, I did manage to draw every day of the month, and produced some work I’m proud of. It’s a great exercise, to practice every day and do some things that are…