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  • State and Art

    State and Art

    I shared a post a friend had made, one that I profoundly agree with, and it promptly got a comment from another friend who completely missed the point of it. The commenter’s assumption was that I object to paying for tax-funded art, or that I don’t want art created that I ‘don’t like.’ And a…

  • An Afternoon in the Museum

    An Afternoon in the Museum

    I made it a field-trip day, and ventured to the Dayton Art Institute all by my lonesome to look at Asian Art. While it would have been nice to have a companion, the museum was all but deserted, and I had a peaceful meander through the rooms. The lower level of the museum is laid…

  • Amazing Art

    I don’t have a lot of time today, but my dear First Reader sent me this link this morning and I spent some enraptured time looking at each one. Amazing, and evocative. I could write stories based off these. Simon Stalenhag’s Art

  • Get ’em while they’re cheap

    Get ’em while they’re cheap

    I will be raising the prices on my short stories. So… If you want them while they are still a dollar, go download them! Also, reviews to feed the author (not literally, but I’ll be ever so grateful…) are always appreciated. Think of it as tipping the artist. I am an artist. You have no…