School at Home

  This isn’t going to be a long post, it’s a quick intro to a topic I’ll be blogging on at least once a week going forward.  The Little Man is 15 now, and a sophomore, and would like me to let you know that he’s being homeschooled. I talked to him at the beginning… Read More School at Home

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I was listening to a podcast presenting a brief biography of Andrew Carnegie the other day, and although I’m somewhat familiar with the man, and very familiar with his legacy of libraries, I think the philosophy that led him to establish more than 2500 libraries bears repeating, and often. He believed that compiling knowledge in a… Read More Autodidactism

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Going On

To follow up with yesterday’s post on very early childhood education, I was looking at photos of my children when they were young, and remembering how they interacted. Because they modeled how they were treated, they taught each other. When the Little Man was 2, and the Eldest was 8 going on nine, she would… Read More Going On


Pursuit of Polymath

I’ve been called a Renaissance woman, a Heinlein girl, and asked many times how I can reconcile my artistic tendencies with a passion for science. The reality is that I grew up with no barriers, no one telling me ‘you can’t do that because you’re a girl.’ I took to heart early, Heinlein’s words that… Read More Pursuit of Polymath