Maple Leaf Rag

  Art and music:  The Maple Leaf Fractal and the music that it made me think of as soon as I started to see the shapes emerge from the math. 

Art, Garden

Smell the Roses

Take the time today to stop and smell the roses. If you can find old-fashioned roses like these yellow ones, your nose will be in for a real treat. But don’t bother trying to sniff the expensive tea roses at a florist’s shop – they have been bred for looks, and endurance, and in the… Read More Smell the Roses


Art Day

Normally on an art day I just put up a piece of art (if I can get the one I want off my laptop onto the machine! computers… growl) and a bit of commentary. But I’m starting to research for a planned article on art, and I was curious to hear what you, my readers,… Read More Art Day