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  • Maple Leaf Rag

    Maple Leaf Rag

      Art and music:  The Maple Leaf Fractal and the music that it made me think of as soon as I started to see the shapes emerge from the math. 

  • Smell the Roses

    Smell the Roses

    Take the time today to stop and smell the roses. If you can find old-fashioned roses like these yellow ones, your nose will be in for a real treat. But don’t bother trying to sniff the expensive tea roses at a florist’s shop – they have been bred for looks, and endurance, and in the…

  • A Drive in the Country

    A Drive in the Country

    I’ve been busy this morning. But as I finished up with the project I was working on, and got ready to dive into writing, I remembered that I needed to blog! I have a really good series planned, in conjunction with the First Reader – we laid it out and talked it through during a…

  • Art Day

    Normally on an art day I just put up a piece of art (if I can get the one I want off my laptop onto the machine! computers… growl) and a bit of commentary. But I’m starting to research for a planned article on art, and I was curious to hear what you, my readers,…

  • Art and beauty are what?

    I’ve written at length today over at Mad Genius Club about art, and beauty, and why we are in the sad state of art today. See More… And here’s a brilliant quote by Kristine Kathryn Rusch that was perfect to go along with it. “The first rule of being an artist is to be an artist.…

  • For No Reason

    For No Reason

    Except I’m really tired, and I have a major exam tomorrow, and I worked all weekend, and…  A snippet from my work in progress, Pixie Noir.  The woman who answered the door was wearing the most amazing shirt. Knitted silk, I think, clung to her like a second skin, and even though it was blue,…