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  • Last Chance!

    Last Chance!

    You’ve got until midday today – about 6 hours from this posting – to enter to win 5 free signed books. One of them is mine, but all (the others) are excellent. Plus, we’re having a behind-the-scene competition for sign-up numbers. So! Even if you own some or all, you can always give them away…

  • Cats, Magic, and the Hugos

    I asked for suggestions on what to write about today, and got into a long chatty conversation with much silliness. This is why I love my friends. Sorry, Joe, I’m not writing about manly beards and why I like them today. Nor am I going to write about cat-rotating, Christopher, I have a dog, and…

  • Teen Read Week Interview

    Teen Read Week Interview I was interviewed for Teen Read Week, and it appears on Jennifer Loiske’s blog as part of the Teen Read Week Blog Hop! So hop on over there, because if you answer my question, in the comments, you could win a copy of Vulcan’s Kittens!