Books, Books!

First up, the latest in the Postcards series. Postcards from Foolz was prompted during Foolzcon this April.  I do most of the illustrations for these, and it is so fun to do the layout and see what stories came from the images I sent out as prompts. Plus, I had a lot of fun with… Read More Books, Books!


With a Twist

I’m in this anthology! I had an absolute blast writing the story for it. Jim Curtis gave a lot of leeway to the authors – just take a trope that may be old and tired, then give it a hard twist.  I opted to speculate about what could happen if the Chosen One of Prophecy… Read More With a Twist


Book Promo

Not one of mine, but I promise, things are in motion here at the Acorn Hut. In the meantime, you need entertaining reading material, and this I can promise with….  It Came From the Trailer Park!  Humor and horror mingled in these tales that are all set in, you guessed it, trailer parks. A bunch… Read More Book Promo


Space Opera Noir

I don’t know. Opera, with all the death and dying, seems noir to begin with. On the other hand, there’s a cyborg.  Maybe it will make more sense after you read Sarah’s take on it. Click the cover to magically transport for purchase. 


Free Alien Sci Fi Books

  I have my book Jade Star in this giveaway, but there are other titles you might also enjoy, and for the price? Why not! You may find authors you really like and had never seen before.  For lovers of Science Fiction & Fantasy – a monthly delivery of FREE Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Share… Read More Free Alien Sci Fi Books


Saturday Book Promo

  A roundup of books recently released by fellow authors. I mean, if you want one of mine, I have a story in Cracked, which is still free today! But I suggest that you may find something you’d like in the diverse offerings below. If you purchase through these links, I earn a few pennies.… Read More Saturday Book Promo


Free Book

  Cheep! Cheep!  Ok, ok, it’s free…  Cracked! A chicken anthology is a collection of chicken stories unlike anything you have read before. I have a story in it, which involves a swirling vortex of cluckers aboard a space station. It’s also an affectionate nod to my husband, the engineering technician. Go! Get your copy!… Read More Free Book


Books to Read

   I now have two! Two! whole novels finished and in need of revisions and edits before release. Uh. I have written myself into a corner here. Writing is fun. Editing and revising is drudgery.  But in the meantime there are some fun books you could explore while you are waiting on mine. Well, technically… Read More Books to Read


More OPB

Other People’s Books rides again! You know, this is fun. I get to share the stories my friends create, and I feel less guilty about my glacial writing pace. Whee! I know most of my readers are here because, well, they read. So here’s to having reading noms on tap every week for y’all, while… Read More More OPB