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  • Books for Sale, Books on Sale

    Books for Sale, Books on Sale

    He Was Dead When I Got There… launched yesterday and already we have an orange tag! I have both Vulcan’s Kittens and The Groundskeeper: Raking Up the Dead on sale, and you can find them along with many others at this sale… Because more books is a great plan heading into winter! Lastly, but certainly…

  • Bibliophilia: Don Camillo

    Bibliophilia: Don Camillo

      I have to thank Peter Grant for allowing me free rein in his library for this. I think I mystified him when I was trying to explain what I’m trying to achieve with the Bibliophilia posts. However, in the process of trying to sum it up, I realized I’ve been saying the wrong thing…

  • Books to Read

    Books to Read

      So in this time of enforced leisure, have you considered what you will be reading?  I am, sadly, an essential worker and thus have no time. But a number of my friends who are also authors have been putting books on sale to help out the passage of time until the world rights itself…

  • Emergency Books

    Emergency Books

      I’ve seen this meme thing floating around on social media for a while, now, but my friend Bill sent it to me last night, saying it reminded him of me. Since he’s seen what my library used to be… yeah. He’s not wrong! But it makes me happy, because I was that little girl…

  • What are you Reading?

    What are you Reading?

      Me? Well, I’ve finished a couple of good reads just recently, because no can brainy for writey, but reading is coming back online. That’s a good sign. I’ll write up full reviews soon…  But if I look at my Kindle app, I’ve got several going. I’m sure I’m not alone in mood reading, and…

  • Marginalia


    One small thing I sometimes miss about real paper books is the ability to scribble in the margin. I’ve done this rarely with fiction books, although I have copied out beautiful quotes, especially when I was younger and still had hopes of achieving lovely handwriting through practice. With history, though, and other books I wanted…

  • I can’t Write Fast Enough!

    I can’t Write Fast Enough!

    This is what will appear at the very end of Possum Creek Massacre. But it will be a while before that book is released, so you should get a head start on your reading.  Like Books Similar to This One? Cedar can’t possibly write fast enough to satisfy most readers. Check these great authors out!…

  • OPB


    Other People’s Books.  The marvelous thing about being an Indie is that no one (well, ok, maybe the First Reader. But only if we talk about it first) can tell me what to do. So if I want to celebrate other authors? I’m going to do it. Doesn’t matter what kind of publishing they do,…

  • The Empty Bookshelf

    The Empty Bookshelf

    I recently bought two large bookshelves. Since we moved, and the kids each asked to have a set of shelves in their rooms, and another set got repurposed from ‘book’ to ‘bathstuff’ due to limited space in the bathroom… I needed some shelves. I picked up a little set at the thrift shop, but it…

  • So Many Books

    So Many Books

    I was listening to a podcast at work, as I often do to occupy my mind while my fingers are busy with mindless tasks, and a line caught me ‘you can only read so many books in your life.’ The speaker then went on to recommend a documentary on Netflix. So instead of reading, you…

  • Book Hedgehog

    Book Hedgehog

    I live a boring life, at least looking in from the outside. Heck, I spent most of yesterday cleaning house and baking, and that made me ridiculously happy. So when I take a leave of absence from the blog, it’s really just because I don’t have anything interesting to say. And I figure, just like…

  • Prepping for Travel

    Prepping for Travel

    What Books do you travel with? Recommendations?