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Limenitis arthemis

You can find more information about this beautiful Red Spotted Purple butterfly here, and it is a mimic of the toxic Pipevine Swallowtail, Battus philenor. I can tell you that the iridescent blues on the wings have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Enjoy!


Pen and Ink

I rarely work with pen and ink… not that way! Words, sure, but not drawing. Too easy to make one slip, and no erasing that mistake. But I wanted to draw during a class, because I do that to keep me focused when I’m not taking notes, and I hadn’t dropped a pencil in my… Read More Pen and Ink


Farm Pretties

It has been rainy, chilly, busy, and I have been sick. We had a first-time doe kit out last night and she didn’t stay with the bunnies so we lost the litter. Sad, but at least we know that the junior buck is viable. We’ll breed her again in a few days, but if she… Read More Farm Pretties