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  • Bookstores


    I’ve had a lifelong love of bookstores. Yesterday I had a small epiphany and realized that this love is still there, but it has changed… What triggered the thoughts about bookstores was sitting at a table chatting with passers-by about my books. I had paper copies of them arranged on the table in front of…

  • Sticker Shock

    Sticker Shock

    This isn’t another blog about food, even if it looks it at first glance. Rather, it’s a blog about my love-hate relationship with bookstores these days. Also, my love-hate relationship with money. I love having money to spend on things I want, I hate not having enough to spend it without thinking first. No big…

  • Book Hoarding and Other Delights

    Book Hoarding and Other Delights

    There has never been a better time to be a reader. I’ve been reading since I was four, myself, which is a very small slice of the past when viewed in relative terms. But I am also a student of history. it wasn’t that long ago that books were individually precious, treasured and cared for…