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  • Baen Books

    Baen Books

      Anyone who has read my blog or who knows me, knows of my deep and abiding affection for Baen’s Bar, which led me to Baen Books. This week, a ham-handed and libelous attack was made on the forum. I’m including Toni Weisskopf’s response below.  To Whom It May Concern: What is it we do…

  • Back Burner

    Back Burner

      I’ve been thinking about the idiom ‘back-burnering,’ because I’m having to do a lot of that at work. I’m coming up on a week now, working solo, in a lab which usually takes a team of five. I am not actually doing the job of five — there are things I’m not trained to…

  • Sore Must be the Storm

    Sore Must be the Storm

      Are we seeing some pushback against the ‘cancel culture’? One can sincerely hope. I for one do not see good things coming from a world where a professor can openly threaten to permanently damage a student’s livelihood and career simply because he does not like what the student has to say. It used to…