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Gummy Robots

A while back, I decided I wanted to try and do something about my fragile fingernails. After some discussion and research, I got everything I needed to make my own gummies… And then I got busy with school, holidays, more school… Yesterday, I marshaled the ingredients and whipped up a batch. When I was done… Read More Gummy Robots


ETWYRT: Toni Weisskopf

I have Buckeyes, the chocolate covered peanut butter candy, on tap over at Otherwhere Gazette this morning, recipe courtesy of Toni Weisskopf.  Click here for recipe. 


Review: Fun-Size

You know, the little tiny versions of candy bars that you find at Halloween? Just enough for a taste, not enough to put you into a sugar coma? In theory, anyway, although if you buy a bag of the milky way caramel they will turn out to be not individually wrapped, and he’ll tell you… Read More Review: Fun-Size