Cat Chat

I am amused at this particular little bit of nonsense and time waster.  Want to have a conversation with a cat? Here you go.  Inspector Gidget likes this recliner that is in my office. She spends much of her days sleeping on it. And she’s usually mildly peeved when I displace her so I can… Read More Cat Chat


The Cat’s Palate

Inspector Gidget is ambivalent about wet catfood (she’ll only eat the gravy style with no solids) and turns up her nose at people food (even raw fresh salmon bits). I opened a tin of smoked oysters this morning and suddenly I had a cat trying to get on my lap (she doesn’t *do* laps, ever)and… Read More The Cat’s Palate

Simple Life

First Bake

Testing out the oven at the new house. Making dinner for the North Texas Troublemakers and enjoying the heck out of it. The kitchen is nowhere near fully operational, but it’s close enough to mix up a feast! Made a lovely discovery last night during the livestream. There is a cardinal nesting in the vines… Read More First Bake


Show me you care

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Today is the first day off in twelve days straight. So of course I’m cleaning. I mean, I probably would have spent most of my day curled up and drawing, or writing, but my son dragged me gently but inexorably out into the living area and said ‘clean!’… Read More Show me you care


Pigeon Watching

  A week or so ago I made a little piece of art I titled ‘Pigeon Watching’ and then today I read Margaret Ball’s story of coming out of the quarantine. I really think she was channeling O. Henry. You should go read it.   


Forbidden Puppies

Well, actually, that should be forbidden fruit, since that’s what the post is about: things we really really want, but can’t and shouldn’t have. In the old fairy tales, it was the garden over the wall that Rapunzel’s mother craved, leading to her husband becoming a thief, and her daughter being sold in return for… Read More Forbidden Puppies


Brushstrokes II

The continuing work I’m doing for Inktober, and my own amusement. Several people have encouraged me to consider doing a children’s book, for now I’m holding off on that simply because I haven’t got a story… I’m sure that will change if I think about it long enough. Art is easy to formulate in my… Read More Brushstrokes II

Ok here's what were gonna do


I have been under the weather. Hopefully today will see the end of that, or tomorrow. At that point I should be able to get back to what I usually do here on the blog. In the meantime, I’m doing as I’m told and resting.  


Artfully: Day 11

This one’s for Dad, who requested one of my ‘one line kitties’ I used to do these with quill pen on watercolor paper. Today’s is digital, because I’ve been writing like mad and don’t want to distract my brain with more of the Wizbun story. That, and I don’t know where the rabbit and dragon… Read More Artfully: Day 11


Farm Pretties

It has been rainy, chilly, busy, and I have been sick. We had a first-time doe kit out last night and she didn’t stay with the bunnies so we lost the litter. Sad, but at least we know that the junior buck is viable. We’ll breed her again in a few days, but if she… Read More Farm Pretties