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WIP Snippet

#amwriting I’ve been trying to write daily, and… well, I’ve been writing every other day. Since writing and blogging today just wasn’t going to happen, you’re getting a snippet of what I wrote today. It’s not a beginning, it’s part of a story but a chapter or two in, and I haven’t written the beginning… Read More WIP Snippet



I’m having a difficult time with names. With characters, I just name them, usually. Some come into my head fully formed, name and all. My First Reader named Learoyd Otheris Mulvaney, the centuries-old pixie whose stark cynicism has been shaken by the acquisition of a wife… and two children. But me? I’m trying to come… Read More Naming

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Stilted Writing

I’m reading a couple of novels written by new writers. I’m finding they share something that I have noticed before in debut efforts. I am trying to figure out how to express coherently what the impression they gave me was. My First Reader suggests that perhaps it boils down to ‘spending to much time on… Read More Stilted Writing