Artfully: Day 17

“Mom, mom! Look…” The caramel-haired boy, whom as Wizbun knew, sometimes tasted like his hair looked, had leaped from the couch where the rabbit cowered, and caught the little dragon neatly in his hands. Now, the scared rabbit crept a little out to see his Mistress standing on the stairs, while her son ran up… Read More Artfully: Day 17

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Artfully: Day 12

Today’s dragon was created with Adobe Illustrator, which is… I don’t know if I like this. Oh well. Work has been progressing nicely on Dragon Noir, I’ve added 3800 since yesterday, and plan to do another 2000 tonight.  Wizbun drew a sigh of relief when the flames from the tiny dragon stopped, and then dropped… Read More Artfully: Day 12


Artfully: Day 8

  I doodled this, and then started to ink, while I was studying for today’s exam. It comes with a story. I’m not sure how I’ll finish off the art, yet. Might take it into Illustrator and give it some depth, just inking will not be great for the wizardry and smoke coming out the… Read More Artfully: Day 8

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Working on the Side

I’m not doing NaNo, I can’t. I am enjoying watching my friend Amanda Green work on her challenge, though, and you might be entertained by her character as well. I am, however, trying to keep on with the writing, in the spare moments I have around homework and everything else. Yesterday, for instance, I had… Read More Working on the Side