Christmas Day

I may not have a tree in the house today, but there are presents wrapped by the fireplace. While all of us are in some degree sick (the First Reader is slowly recovering, I seem to have a mild case, and the Boy was awake coughing but is sleeping in now) we don’t have anywhere… Read More Christmas Day

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Musing on Gifts

I’ve been getting ready for a flying visit from friends, and as I was preparing the house for eyes other than family, and baking because my love language is ‘have you eaten? Here, have a cookie.’ I was also thinking about gifts, and their impact on our lives. It’s not easy to give meaningful gifts… Read More Musing on Gifts

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Artfully: Day 9

Continued from yesterday… Wizbun stood staunchly, gripping his staff tightly, as the bright red box began to smoke slightly. At the lower corner, the paper turned black, and then burst into flames. Frantically, Wizbun aimed his magic staff at the conflagration, extinguishing it with a quick blast. But now the box let forth an angry… Read More Artfully: Day 9