A Dearth of Classics

In the discussion of books and audiobooks for my sister – and I will work on that list for the blog over the weekend, but these things are a huge labor of love, which I have not had time for – I mentioned to a friend that the Swallows and Amazons had been a favorite… Read More A Dearth of Classics

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Broad Reading

I’ve talked on the blog and elsewhere many times about the importance of reading if you plan to become a good writer. I’m sure you can write without reading – well, knowing how to read seems to be a requirement, but reading other works is technically optional. Stephanie Souders wrote a wonderful essay about this… Read More Broad Reading

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A Curmudgeon on Classics

Cedar here: I’m up to my elbows in Dragon Noir, having fallen behind with travel, and recovery taking longer than I’d anticipated. So my First Reader and in-house curmudgeon reminded me that he’d done a couple of posts for just these occasions, because under that crusty exterior beats the heart of… well, we won’t go… Read More A Curmudgeon on Classics