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Broad Reading

I’ve talked on the blog and elsewhere many times about the importance of reading if you plan to become a good writer. I’m sure you can write without reading – well, knowing how to read seems to be a requirement, but reading other works is technically optional. Stephanie Souders wrote a wonderful essay about this… Read More Broad Reading

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Finals Week

So, my schedule is: two finals today, Monday. One on Wednesday, and one online that I can take on Tuesday. Yay for online final! Not too bad, really. Could be worse. But unless you are really interested in Precalculus, Spanish, or Chemistry, I haven’t got much else on the brain. So I’ll leave you with… Read More Finals Week


Favorite Free Reads!

My Mom was looking for good SF or Fantasy books, cheap FREE. So I compiled a list, with links, for her. On Basilisk Station, by David Weber Oath of Swords, also by David Weber, one of the best Epic Fantasy series out there. A Hymn Before Battle, by John Ringo, excellent military SF 1632, by… Read More Favorite Free Reads!