Cooking, family

Saturday Supper

Food is love.  When we moved to Texas a couple of years ago now, part of the motivation was coming into a community of friends that felt like family and were close enough to sit down and eat with from time to time. The group of folks who would become known as the North Texas… Read More Saturday Supper

Philosophy, science


  Now, there’s a word. Galling. I heard it spoken recently and it got me thinking. From the naturalist’s point of view, galls are a very interesting phenomenon. From the metaphoric point of view… well, galls are multivariate in origin. There is the initial cause, and then there is the reaction to that irritant, which… Read More Galling


And still, Don’t Panic

  I’ve been debating the usefulness of yet another post about the coronavirus. The first one I made still feels relevant: handwashing, don’t panic. However, since events have escalated in the last few hours, it’s on my mind.  I’ll keep saying not to panic. I’d be saying that if the survivors were getting all bitey… Read More And still, Don’t Panic


Watch City Festival

I spent my weekend at a Steampunk event. It was rainy and chilly at times, but there were a few thousand people passing through the park, and many were in costume and playing the part. I spent my time explaining what steampunk is, painting faces, and selling my book. That last was very rewarding, to… Read More Watch City Festival