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  • Keep Calm and Add New Knowledge

    Keep Calm and Add New Knowledge

      I’ve been asked, a few times, to write about the ongoing pandemic and assorted concerns. There is a lot of fear in the world. On one hand, I do understand. It’s a tiny thing, too small to see, and we instinctually fear disease, always have, always will.  That being said. I’ve written before, early…

  • And still, Don’t Panic

    And still, Don’t Panic

      I’ve been debating the usefulness of yet another post about the coronavirus. The first one I made still feels relevant: handwashing, don’t panic. However, since events have escalated in the last few hours, it’s on my mind.  I’ll keep saying not to panic. I’d be saying that if the survivors were getting all bitey…

  • Coronavirus: Don’t Panic

    Coronavirus: Don’t Panic

      I’ve been pinged severally about the coronavirus in the last week or so, and I’m mostly going to point you at expert articles here, but first: there is no need for panic. This is certainly not the outbreak of 1918 flu, and while the projections do show a likely global spread, it’s not going…