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  • June Writing Data

    June Writing Data

      My monthly productivity report.  I was thinking that the whole lockdown quarantine nonsense wasn’t affecting me all that much. After all, I go to work every day. I go home. I write. I make art – usually on my lunch break. I take walks with the camera in hand and fall in love –…

  • Progress Report: May

    Progress Report: May

      I’ve been tracking my productivity all this year and since a couple of you data geeks have encouraged me, I’ll keep posting it. I’m definitely still tracking it, and will be through the end of the year at least. This is going to be a rollercoaster ride, could be interesting to look back at…

  • Writer Stats

    Writer Stats

      Being the geek and scientist that I am, I started tracking my stats at the beginning of the year. The first couple of months, it was just… tracking. I wanted to see if I could incorporate the data collection itself into my daily routine. I am using a very simple google sheet for this.…