Between Two Graves

I have the honor and delight of creating the covers for this series. So when I tell you Dorothy Grant’s latest in her tactical romance series is out…  Between Two Graves  I’ve obviously got a bias, but seriously, I think every book of hers has just gotten better, and at this point that’s a pretty… Read More Between Two Graves


TulKon AAR

This was a first for me. Not just Tulkon, although I hadn’t attended this con before (for good reason, see below) but the pace of this spring’s conventions for me. I’ve done three cons in five weeks, starting with FantaSci at the end of March in North Carolina, where I was a guest. I’d followed… Read More TulKon AAR

Books, Review

Happy Saturday!

It’s a happy day. Yes, I woke up with bad dreams, but that was just blog fodder for the Mad Genius Club. If you’ve ever wondered about gothic novels, you may want to wander over there for a read of my thoughts on them. What makes it a happy day is seeing this!   Scaling… Read More Happy Saturday!


I am Indie

Hugh Howey, an author, businessman, and major advocate for independent publishing, published not a work of fiction, but a very important survey yesterday. You can find it here, and although lengthy, if you are looking into becoming published, it is well worth the read. The graphics, if nothing else, tell the story vividly. Indie authors… Read More I am Indie