Ice Dragon

This is a story I wrote about 6 years ago. I know it’s short, and doesn’t really have a resolution that might satisfy, but I also know I’m unlikely to revisit this world. I’m posting it because I’ve been tired and busy with real life and I thought some of you might enjoy this vignette.… Read More Ice Dragon


Art and Amusements

My Spring Break has started – started yesterday afternoon, actually. I’m at Millennicon this weekend, and I hung my first pieces in my first Art Show. I don’t have pictures, you’re not allowed to take photos in the art show. I can tell you I have already learned one lesson – one 3×4′ panel is… Read More Art and Amusements

Art, childhood

Artfully: Day 12

Today’s dragon was created with Adobe Illustrator, which is… I don’t know if I like this. Oh well. Work has been progressing nicely on Dragon Noir, I’ve added 3800 since yesterday, and plan to do another 2000 tonight.  Wizbun drew a sigh of relief when the flames from the tiny dragon stopped, and then dropped… Read More Artfully: Day 12

Art, childhood

Artfully: Day 9

Continued from yesterday… Wizbun stood staunchly, gripping his staff tightly, as the bright red box began to smoke slightly. At the lower corner, the paper turned black, and then burst into flames. Frantically, Wizbun aimed his magic staff at the conflagration, extinguishing it with a quick blast. But now the box let forth an angry… Read More Artfully: Day 9


Dragons and Horses

I was sketching between *ahem* classes yesterday. I wouldn’t sketch in class. That would be a bad example for the younglings. Anyway… I had been getting a daily artwork to look at through an app on my tablet, and yesterday’s was this neat work, “Frenzy of Exultations” by a Polish artist whose name I could… Read More Dragons and Horses