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  • Cherry Rum Rice Pudding

    Cherry Rum Rice Pudding

    As I’m working my way through the Egg List, moving in random motion rather than top to bottom, I’m finding myself revisiting old favorites as well as making new things. Rice puddings come in a couple of forms. One is a stove-top pudding, light and fluffy. This one is the other sort, a one-bowl baked…

  • Streusel Topping and Blackberry Crumble

    Streusel Topping and Blackberry Crumble

      Streusel is one of those things that is more a technique than a recipe. I don’t make it the same every time, and I suspect I’m not alone in that. However, for this I measured, so I could get those unfamiliar with the tasty, crunchy topping of goodness started. Then you get to improvise…

  • It’s not a Beauty Contest

    It’s not a Beauty Contest

    Sometimes it’s all about that taste, not the looks. When it comes to this recipe, that’s a good thing, because this is all creams and browns and monotone. Not that it matters when you put a bite in your mouth. Then, it sings. Tart notes, rich, sweet, the ineffable umami… Apple Crisp I bought a bag of…