Back to School

No, not me. Yes, I’m planning on doing grad school. But that’s another time, another post… this is about my baby who just started highschool. He was sitting on my bed last night while I was working on paying bills and sorting paperwork, and he was talking excitedly to me about the extra credit his… Read More Back to School

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I was listening to a podcast presenting a brief biography of Andrew Carnegie the other day, and although I’m somewhat familiar with the man, and very familiar with his legacy of libraries, I think the philosophy that led him to establish more than 2500 libraries bears repeating, and often. He believed that compiling knowledge in a… Read More Autodidactism


Use it or Lose it

I had to do math this morning for work. Nothing major, just a calculation of standard deviations and RSD for something. Population set of only six. Only… I wound up having to do it by hand and was painfully reminded that if you don’t use math, you lose it. I didn’t have a decent calculator… Read More Use it or Lose it


Future of Farming

I write science fiction, I once managed a small farm using permaculture ideas and organic principles, I’ve gardened all my life, and I’m a scientist. Yesterday’s post about Persistent Food Myths was written out of exasperation at the hysteria surrounding the use of ‘chemicals’ on our crops, which is far to broad a term to… Read More Future of Farming


Sharpening the Mind

I miss school. I didn’t think I would, but this week was the beginning of a new semester. One of my former classmates texted me on her way to classes that it wasn’t going to be the same without me. I sat there thinking about the classes I didn’t take, but would have liked to…… Read More Sharpening the Mind


Love of Learning

There are days where the love of learning isn’t quite enough to keep me enthusiastic about school, and I have to remember why I am doing this to myself. That stiffens the old upper lip and I keep marching on. But if you’re still curious and want to learn, here’s a link to a really… Read More Love of Learning