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  • Books to Read

    Books to Read

      So in this time of enforced leisure, have you considered what you will be reading?  I am, sadly, an essential worker and thus have no time. But a number of my friends who are also authors have been putting books on sale to help out the passage of time until the world rights itself…

  • Solace


    I was reading this morning. I had started the book the other day, just the preview, bought it, and finally got around to reading, tucked into bed in the early morning dark, warm, listening to my companion breathing… It was a marvelous way to start my day. I don’t get this often, there is too…

  • Book Cartoons

    Book Cartoons

    I came across a site with a bunch of cartoons from a contest in Iran that illustrates not only how comics cross language barriers, but how reading is universally affective to the human condition. My favorites from the winners and finalists are below.