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Why Not?

On my desk I have a few sheets of paper. I printed them out earlier, and now they are lying here causing me some mingled emotional moments when I look over and see them. You see, I suspect most of you are like me. Back in 2020 when the world stopped, or attempted to grind… Read More Why Not?

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Oh look! A book!

I grew up reading Westerns. Mostly Louis L’Amour, but my great-grandparents had a full set of Zane Grey (in the iconic red-and-white covers) in their home on the Oregon coast. I collected a fair chunk of them, for nostalgia if nothing else, only to lose them to a flooded basement. I imprinted early on those… Read More Oh look! A book!


Lost Places

Wander the lost places, restless to the end.  over the hills to the mountains.  past the mountains to the seas.  there be dragons beyond a’guarding the World’s Edge. 

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To the Stars!

This is a piece which sends a shiver up my spine, which makes me want to jump up and go out and DO something. We’re going to the stars, someday. To the stars! Go read all of it. I’m putting a big quote here, but really, it’s worth the time. Brad Torgersen has a way… Read More To the Stars!