FenCon 2022 AAR

TL:DR: Had a blast, wore myself out, and have no regrets! FenCon last year was my first experience with this con, and on a whim I’d gotten a table to commit commerce, which also turned into having friend’s books and wares on that table. The week after the con, the vote was taken and North… Read More FenCon 2022 AAR

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Fan Writers

As readers of this blog already know, I was nominated for the Hugo Awards as a fan writer. Firstly, the eligibility for this is defined: The Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer is the Hugo Award given each year for writers of works related to science fiction or fantasy which appeared in low- or non-paying publications… Read More Fan Writers

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Link Rodeo

Rounding up links of interest into the corral for you to peruse and try out… Here’s a fun question: what does coffee have in common with the Enlightenment and the American Revolution? Dave Freer muses on the books of old, and how heroes have changed since the days when he was a bright-eyed lad. He… Read More Link Rodeo