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  • New Books Today!

    New Books Today!

    I have a new release, but so do some friends and fellow authors, so you’ll have plenty to read this weekend!  Zombie Maggots is out just in time for Halloween! It’s available in ebook and paperback for your reading pleasure. If you’d like to know more about the writing process of it, check out my…

  • Odd Prompts: Have a Beer

    Odd Prompts: Have a Beer

    I don’t know that I’ll revisit this, but it was fun to write.  **** Micah heard the front door, but didn’t look up from his task. It would be one of his housemates, more than likely. He didn’t look up until the footsteps came closer, then stopped as there was a tapping at the open…

  • Odd Prompt: Honeymooners

    Odd Prompt: Honeymooners

    I don’t know where this prompt is going, other than a very odd romance.  *** Something borrowed, something blue, Something old, something new….   The something old hanging from the waist of her wedding gown had been her granny’s sewing scissors, the little silver ones shaped like a stork. Now, the long beak-blades bloody, it…

  • Odd Prompts: Come Home for Dinner

    Odd Prompts: Come Home for Dinner

      This is a flash piece, just something playing around the concept the prompt gave me.   Come Home for Dinner “I’m telling you, an elf was stalking me!” I looked down at my brother. He was lying  at my feet, having covered himself in a heap of dead, dried up old brown leaves. I had…

  • For Your Reading Pleasure

    For Your Reading Pleasure

      And to be a little different this week, listening, too!  These are some books I have enjoyed, or that people I really like wrote, or just because I thought my readers would enjoy. It’s the day after Christmas, it’s a weekend, what better to do than put your feet up, sip cocoa, and read…

  • A Rob Howell Book!

    A Rob Howell Book!

      Rob writes excellent stuff. And this is the final book in a trilogy, so if you like to read completeness, as I know many of you do, it’s perfect!  And just in time for a long holiday weekend.  With no further ado: None Call Me Mother  

  • Rusalka


      I was stuck on the primary writing, but still needed to do my daily wordcount. So here it is, all 705 words of flash fiction that I sat down and pulled out of my head.  Rusalka  He dipped his hand into the water, and lifted it slowly back out, letting the droplets fall straight…

  • Readers take Note

    Readers take Note

      It’s going to be a busy day here at the Nut House. Sounds of drilling already emanate from the closet, and the dishwasher is singing it’s song in the kitchen. So in lieu of a sensible essay type-post, you get a glimpse into my reading habits of late. Some old, some new… all of…

  • Hot New Release! Anthology Day

    Hot New Release! Anthology Day

      New anthology! Fresh off the presses! You can find fourteen impeccably edited short stories in When Valor Must Hold, tales of derring do, heroism, and hope. When all else fails, heroes take up arms and hold.  Read the snippet, and then click the ‘Read More!’ to buy and read the book.  It was another…

  • Too Familiar: Odd Prompted

    Too Familiar: Odd Prompted

      Kitten pulled the scarf tighter around her head and ducked out of the door, pulling it tightly shut behind her. The scarf wasn’t just to keep the biting cold wind out. The door nearly-slammed wasn’t just to keep that wind from snatching it open and banging. Although that would make her master yell louder,…

  • Anthologies Galore!

    Anthologies Galore!

      This last year was weird, and good, and, well, weird. I wrote a lot more than you all saw from me, but I couldn’t talk about it. Now, finally, I can start to reveal some of the secret projects. Three of them, to be specific. I don’t think there was any planning in this,…

  • Weird and Wonderful

    Weird and Wonderful

      So my friend John Bouler is to blame for this bit of flash fiction. He commented about a vet who specialized in large animals, and cryptids. This thing sprang into my head and demanded to be written. Since I am supposed to be cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving, I am leaving this here…