No Flowers

I had intended to do a post on the wildflowers I photographed this weekend, and how much fun I had over the course of Saturday and Sunday, taking part in the Nature Challenge. And then I had to clean the house, edit and submit a story due by tonight, start on a big project that… Read More No Flowers


Argle Bargle

  I’ll be the first to admit I try not to blog unless I can be cheerful. Or at least instructive. I’ve had some epic rants in the past. Today, though.  I’m too tired to be ranty. This past week has been Sisyphean, and I’m not actually talking about the plague. Although that has certainly… Read More Argle Bargle

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Mental Fatigue

I’m back to this again: I only have so much energy. There’s a possibility I could garner a bit more energy, but before I can get there, I have to work through having less energy, because frankly I think I’m carrying more weight than is optimal for my body and I need to shed some… Read More Mental Fatigue


Too Tired to Care

I wrote the other day about toxic levels of fatigue, and I’m following up with that. Bear with me, this is related – I’ve started blogging in the early mornings. I sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee, twenty or thirty minutes, and I write. The house is fairly quiet, so I… Read More Too Tired to Care

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Toxic Tired

I’ve been whining a little on social media recently about being tired, and I really shouldn’t. I was musing on this at work the other day, while my hands were busy but my mind wasn’t. I am tired, yes, but it’s a good tired. It’s the tired of being physically tested after several years of… Read More Toxic Tired



I’m worn thin. There are so many things I should be doing right now, and I managed one chore this morning, but can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm for another just yet. I keep telling myself I shouldn’t stress, I need to stop dwelling on things I cannot change, but it’s not helping. I’m trying… Read More Exhaustion