Odd Prompts: Cloud Dancing

it’s Tuesday! Must be snippet o’ fiction day…  *** “C’mon, sleepyhead!” John was standing by the kitchen door, shrouded in darkness that far from the kerosene lamp they were relying on.  Bonnie lobbed a biscuit in his direction, and he caught it, laughing. “Let me finish my coffee?” She asked.  “There’s more in the thermos.… Read More Odd Prompts: Cloud Dancing


Work in Progress

  I was asked yesterday what I’m working on, in the writing department.  Um. Too much? I’m sitting here this morning writing up the novel my First Reader and I plotted on the car ride yesterday – 7 hours of driving gives us loads of time to talk, which is lovely, but – and wondering… Read More Work in Progress

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Anthology Release Day!

  Happy Valentine’s to my readers! I present to you a dozen stories, rather than roses. Something makes me think you’ll like these better than dying flowers. High Fantasy romantic tales, every one of them.  The Hearts’ Enchantment is an anthology from Huntress press, and you can find it on Amazon now (not sure yet… Read More Anthology Release Day!


Ice Dragon

This is a story I wrote about 6 years ago. I know it’s short, and doesn’t really have a resolution that might satisfy, but I also know I’m unlikely to revisit this world. I’m posting it because I’ve been tired and busy with real life and I thought some of you might enjoy this vignette.… Read More Ice Dragon

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Snow has Fallen!

My latest title, Snow in Her Eyes, is available for sale! The cover is a clickable link to buy (or borrow with Kindle Unlimited) Detective Amaya Lombard is a witch hunter and a damn good one. Hated by the magical because she works with cops, feared by cops because she works with magic, she walks… Read More Snow has Fallen!