Bad air. Malaria. We fear what lurks in the dark, in the creeping tendrils of fog, hiding in plain sight… We humans used to flee the cities in summer, to get away from the bad air. Sicknesses ran rampant in the warmest times. In the times when the fog lifted off the river and ports and… Read More Miasma


Proper Gormless

I drove into work this morning through heavy fog. It was heavy enough to prompt schools to go on a two-hour delay, but not so heavy as to make me worry about driving in it. I spent a good chunk of my childhood on the Oregon coast, and one of the many marks that left… Read More Proper Gormless


Spring Floods

Every spring the rains come, and the snow melts, and the low places flood and the brooks and streams rise… It was amazing to see it this week as the waters rose by 18 inches literally overnight. The other phenomenon I saw was the midday fog that comes over the snow on a warm spring… Read More Spring Floods