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  • New Release! Groundskeeper: My Ghoul

    New Release! Groundskeeper: My Ghoul

    A brand new novella in the Groundskeeper Tales, out just in time for Halloween.  When better to read a light tale of ghosts, ghouls, haunted houses (or crypts) and follow the adventures of Chloe?  This time, she is going to need some help to solve the mysteries of Belleview, and find out just how far…

  • Saturday Supper

    Saturday Supper

    Food is love.  When we moved to Texas a couple of years ago now, part of the motivation was coming into a community of friends that felt like family and were close enough to sit down and eat with from time to time. The group of folks who would become known as the North Texas…

  • Thank you friends

    Thank you friends

    I think I’ve probably said this before, but you know? Bears saying again.  I came across this quote from another author, one I don’t know, through the Passive Voice (who feels like a friend because I have read him so long, although I have rarely interacted with him directly, and honestly, that’s part of the…

  • Too Much

    Too Much

    That moment when you find yourself with so much to do, and so little time, not to mention mental energy, that you are sitting in front of the bookshelf indulging in a little light research instead of doing anything else. Even the research is kinda useless, because there’s no writing brain. The writing brain has…

  • Odd Prompts: Wonderland Snip

    Odd Prompts: Wonderland Snip

      A little bit, out of order. This is backfill, since the scene following it appeared on the blog a few weeks ago. Working this prompt in was a huge challenge!  *** Johns climbed in the passenger side, and buckled in. Shelby shot an exasperated glance at him, then looked back up at Elzbet, who…

  • Odd Prompts: Turkey Soup

    Odd Prompts: Turkey Soup

      A fitting relic of Thanksgiving, and sight of yet to come… this is a piece of flash fiction. Enjoy!  Turkey Soup The first game after Thanksgiving was always a slow one. Too much turkey, too much pie, after nearly 40 years of playing together, they all had it down to a routine. This time…

  • Lonely Birdhouse in My Soul

    Lonely Birdhouse in My Soul

    Now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day. I took a photo this spring, in one of the conservancy prairies around Dayton OH, and looking at the final edits got me thinking. Not about the song. No, I was thinking about loneliness, and friendship, and the connections every human needs…

  • Inktail, Too!

    Inktail, Too!

      I am still working on the next Inktail coloring book. I was going at it hammer and tongs earlier this year, but then, well…  So here’s one of the pages, to whet your appetite.   

  • You adorable weirdos, you

    You adorable weirdos, you

      Sometimes being an adult sucks rocks. Sometimes being an adult means I can say stupid stuff like that last sentence and know I’m not going to be scolded for slang. Sometimes I have more thoughts than I can possibly have words to express them with. Sometimes that means I say the same word over…

  • Meatspace


      There comes a time in life when you have to re-evaluate yourself. In my case, this last year or so, I have come to wonder: am I an introvert? You see, most of the time I’m so busy, or the family so demanding of my time and attention, I’m perfectly happy to hole up…

  • Traveling Lightly

    Traveling Lightly

    I’m positively giddy at the moment. Not only am I taking a very special trip to Texas this week, but I’ve just finalized the arrangements for LibertyCon this coming summer… It’s going to be a great trip. You know, I’d planned to write a novel before LC came back around. That seems… unlikely. But it…

  • Psychology, Marketing, and Guesting

    Psychology, Marketing, and Guesting

    Good morning readers. It’s a bright winter morning here, just above freezing and getting warmer, which means the snow is going away. I may enjoy photographing snowflakes, but I don’t want the snow to linger for long!  I’ve been a busy lady, so I have two articles up for you all, one my regular column…