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Marvelous Mushrooms

Fairy rings, toad stools, legendary poisons and delectable dinners, mushrooms give us so much. More than we give them credit for, actually. Fungus break down dead things and add nutrients back into the soil, making life a lot more pleasant than it would without decay. Fairy rings are actually a pattern created by saprophytic mushrooms… Read More Marvelous Mushrooms

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Zombie Caterpillars

I have to admit, there’s nothing like finding a scientific paper on zombies, mummification, and, er, caterpillars to put me in the Halloween mood. It’s got it all: mind-controlled caterpillars who submit to their fate, controlled by a monster that isn’t even sentient. Then, the mindless monster sparks wars, is used to cheat in races, and scientists… Read More Zombie Caterpillars