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ETWYRT: Timpana

I really debated making this a formal part of the series. Usually, when I do an Eat This While You Read That post, I’m highlighting a single author (or editor!) and a dish they chose (not necessarily one from the book, just one they like) in the recipe and post. This is celebrating an island,… Read More ETWYRT: Timpana


TulKon AAR

This was a first for me. Not just Tulkon, although I hadn’t attended this con before (for good reason, see below) but the pace of this spring’s conventions for me. I’ve done three cons in five weeks, starting with FantaSci at the end of March in North Carolina, where I was a guest. I’d followed… Read More TulKon AAR


Ghosts of Malta

The ghosts in this anthology are the stories themselves, haunting the tiny, indomitable island.  Ghosts of Malta is a collection of tales set on Malta, from authors scattered around the world, and a history you won’t want to miss by the LawDog himself.  I have a story in this one, along with many other great… Read More Ghosts of Malta