Fear is a Strange Soil

In aid of promoting greater science literacy and understanding, I give you: GMO the good stuff. We see a lot of media about genetically modified organisms, and most of it is bad news. I don’t understand the fear of it, which is largely fuelled by poor understanding, media sensationalism, and a positively appalling lack of… Read More Fear is a Strange Soil


Future of Farming

I write science fiction, I once managed a small farm using permaculture ideas and organic principles, I’ve gardened all my life, and I’m a scientist. Yesterday’s post about Persistent Food Myths was written out of exasperation at the hysteria surrounding the use of ‘chemicals’ on our crops, which is far to broad a term to… Read More Future of Farming


Sticky Notes

I don’t have the brainpower for a real blog, so instead you get to see what I’ve got stuck up as reminders for various classes and reading. Transgenic Plants The alteration of crops to improve their production was performed through the basis of selection before the creation of transgenics. This selection has been going on… Read More Sticky Notes