Two Thumbs

Typing with my thumbs tends to devolve to a thumb and forefinger. Something about that works better than both thumbs. Dexterity? Motor control? Not really sure.  Regardless, I am working on my phone and this is an interesting exercise. I could pull out my tiny Bluetooth keyboard, but I am at work and, well, trying… Read More Two Thumbs


Small Successes

  Small successes build into larger ones, and so on ad infinitum. Well… maybe not to infinity. But at least until the end of the timeline of our lives. Even at the low points, when we feel that we have failed, there is some small success. It’s just that you can’t always see it. We… Read More Small Successes


Deadline Rush

  My feet are tired. I’m tired. This is not a bad thing. First of all, I made it up on time this morning to hit the treadmill for a mile. Since this was the goal, that was happy. And then work was busy. I was challenged, and I rose to the challenge and accomplished… Read More Deadline Rush


June Writing Data

  My monthly productivity report.  I was thinking that the whole lockdown quarantine nonsense wasn’t affecting me all that much. After all, I go to work every day. I go home. I write. I make art – usually on my lunch break. I take walks with the camera in hand and fall in love –… Read More June Writing Data

Ok here's what were gonna do

Writer Stats

  Being the geek and scientist that I am, I started tracking my stats at the beginning of the year. The first couple of months, it was just… tracking. I wanted to see if I could incorporate the data collection itself into my daily routine. I am using a very simple google sheet for this.… Read More Writer Stats


Two down, two to go

I came out of LibertyCon with invitations to participate in three anthologies. I was very excited about that – Sunday evening at the con, when it was all but over and the last casual groups were hanging out soaking up some social time with friends we might not see again for a long time, I… Read More Two down, two to go


The Answer

Yesterday I turned the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! years old. Today, I was in the mood to bake, so I was thinking while I shipped up a couple of pies and some quick bread. I have been craving pumpkin pie – as my readers will recall from my last post – and… Read More The Answer

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I ran when I was younger. (Now, it would probably kill me, but I digress). No, really! I may be short, and as my beloved husband describes my body shape, sturdy, but I could run. I wasn’t a sprinter, but I could endure for the long runs, and I preferred cross country running, usually barefooted.… Read More Hurdles

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Fresh and Shiny

It’s a whole new year. Well, really it’s still another day, following a day, preceding a day. Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm that doesn’t care about years, only the light-dark cycle. However, traditionally this is the end of one period of timekeeping and the beginning of another, and as such we imbue the transition… Read More Fresh and Shiny