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Odd Prompt: Sliver

  This was a very short, dark, little thing that tried to climb out of my head…  *** “Signe!”  “Father, if you do not give my hand to Faldur, I will throw myself into the well!”  “Signe, no.” Faldur looked helplessly at the big man opposite him. “I must work for the honor, and the… Read More Odd Prompt: Sliver

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  I was stuck on the primary writing, but still needed to do my daily wordcount. So here it is, all 705 words of flash fiction that I sat down and pulled out of my head.  Rusalka  He dipped his hand into the water, and lifted it slowly back out, letting the droplets fall straight… Read More Rusalka



Bad air. Malaria. We fear what lurks in the dark, in the creeping tendrils of fog, hiding in plain sight… We humans used to flee the cities in summer, to get away from the bad air. Sicknesses ran rampant in the warmest times. In the times when the fog lifted off the river and ports and… Read More Miasma


Free Novella

Ending today: free read! If you’ve already read it, do me a big favor and pass it on to someone else who’d enjoy it?  Morning There was a snowflake on her eyeball. It sparkled a little as I bent over her, close, but not too close, lest I should thaw it with the warmth of… Read More Free Novella

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Review: Kraken Mare

I read yesterday (sort of) even though I didn’t really have the time to read. I’d actually started it the night before, when I was having trouble sleeping, which was a mistake and I had to force myself to put it down after about 3 chapters. Really. I was looking for a book to put… Read More Review: Kraken Mare