I can Haz Desk

Yes, I’m speaking in Lolcat. I’m tired, and that’s about the speed my brain is operating at. Also, I’m working out the kinks, as it were, of the new desk and it’s not… not quite right. I’m seeing the potential in it, though, and that’s pretty cool. It’s all part of the new house, the… Read More I can Haz Desk


Book Hedgehog

I live a boring life, at least looking in from the outside. Heck, I spent most of yesterday cleaning house and baking, and that made me ridiculously happy. So when I take a leave of absence from the blog, it’s really just because I don’t have anything interesting to say. And I figure, just like… Read More Book Hedgehog

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Writing Musings

I find that although I am a terrible housekeeper, and cleaning bores me to tears, it also sometimes gives me the time to think, and get me over the hump on a story when I’m stuck. So I get to it when I can. And then again, I get to the point where I must.… Read More Writing Musings