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Hush, Puppies, Hush

Sad Puppies, hush. Sad Puppies, don’t you cry. Sad Puppies, we’ll tell you a story, and there will be heroes to cheer for, and damsels who can’t be bothered to be distressed, and worlds to wonder and amaze. Sad Puppies, don’t hang your heads and cry. Hush Puppies For snacking while reading the latest adventure… Read More Hush, Puppies, Hush


Get out and Vote!

I am on the road this week. I have to pick up my kids, get married, and go to a convention. We’ll fit in some camping and hiking around those little things, too. There will be photos. Loads of them. But I wanted to make a public-service announcement before I forget about it, and a… Read More Get out and Vote!

Ethics and Morals

Tor Clarification

Tom Doherty has issued a statement from Tor regarding the subject I have discussed here over the last couple of days, namely, the unprofessional behaviour of one of their employees.  Tor employees, including Ms. Gallo, have been reminded that they are required to clarify when they are speaking for Tor and when they are speaking… Read More Tor Clarification

You crawl over there......

A Little Circus

#hugoawards #sadpuppies The guy who is just too damn obstinate, brave, hell maybe even stupid to accept he’s beaten. Who takes on odds fifty or fifty thousand to one and…   Probably gets knocked flat. And gets up again and tries again. It’s a frontier thing, I think. Kowtowing to authority (no matter who that… Read More A Little Circus

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Fan Writers

As readers of this blog already know, I was nominated for the Hugo Awards as a fan writer. Firstly, the eligibility for this is defined: The Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer is the Hugo Award given each year for writers of works related to science fiction or fantasy which appeared in low- or non-paying publications… Read More Fan Writers