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  • Mutual Aid and Comfort

    Mutual Aid and Comfort

    There have been a few times I’ve posted here in support of friends who needed help, and today is partly about that.  Jenn Hast, who is an artist, photographer, and will soon be an accountant (why yes, she is a polymath and Renaissance woman!) is dealing with cancer. The outlook is good, if the short-term…

  • Remembrance Day: Twenty Years Later

    Remembrance Day: Twenty Years Later

    This is by my friend and fellow author Leo Champion.  Stories from Lower Manhattan These were written originally in May 2021 as emails to a couple of friends (the first two in a misguided attempt to encourage liberty advocate Ooana Trien, the second two to my managing editor Peggey Rowland just to get the words…

  • Humans, Heck Yeah!

    Humans, Heck Yeah!

      Freefall gets it.    Humans are resilient. We will get through this. We’ve gotten through worse. 

  • Irrepressibly Meaning-making Species

    Irrepressibly Meaning-making Species

      The human brain is very good at one thing. Seeing patterns. We’re so good at this, as a species, that if there is no pattern, our brain will trick us into thinking that there is one. That’s where having a second opinion can be helpful, but not always. You see, if we are persuasive…

  • Birdsong and Crickets: Dealing with Introspection

    Birdsong and Crickets: Dealing with Introspection

    I’m sitting on the porch in the early morning hours. It’s not exactly dark, despite the pre-dawn hour. The neighborhood has a few street lights. I can see my coffee cup on the table next to me well enough to find it without dunking fingers or knocking it over. The air resonates with a myriad…

  • Why So Extreme?

    Why So Extreme?

    Written by Sanford Begley We have all seen ideas and opinions from the other side of the political spectrum that are so bizarre they evoke Poe’s Law.  Most of the ones I see are the far left loonies being ridiculous. Notice I said most. I have seen some from the far right that are just…

  • Are Women Human?

    Are Women Human?

    As a girl, I read voraciously. I never cared if the author was male, female, or a complete mystery, I loved characters and stories and mysteries to puzzle out or things to wonder over. I don’t recall when I read my first Dorothy L. Sayers title, although I suspect I was 14 and had found…

  • Review: Here Be Dragons

    Review: Here Be Dragons

    This isn’t entirely a review. Sarah asked me to write the introduction for this collection of her short stories, and I greedily agreed, knowing it meant I would get to read them all as part of creating a good introduction. Since she has priced it very, very reasonably, I do hope you pick a copy…

  • The Murder of Beauty

    Who Murdered Beauty? We meet today, my friends, to attempt to solve a crime. A crime against all of humanity, one which is extinguishing the life from Art, Philosophy, and even Ethics. Unlike with a human life, the existence may yet be restored to Beauty, but it will take solving the murder first, so we…