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Nearly There

As I type this, I’m uploading the manuscript for Tanager’s Fledglings… It needs to be checked on various devices (during which process we will find typos, they are inevitable!) before it’s ready to launch. I’m also thinking I might tweak the blurb a bit. This is what I have, what do you all think? Jem… Read More Nearly There


Why Indie and not Self?

I have an article about why I call myself an Indie author, rather than self-published, up at Mad Genius Club today. It’s also about never feeling alone again, working with pros and more… you should read it, even if you aren’t sure what the distinction is. It’s not the first time I’ve talked through what’s… Read More Why Indie and not Self?


In the Shadows

September 2015 Author Earnings report is out!  Indie self-published books: And then at the top of the graph, in various shades of blue, we have indie self-published books. For simplicity, in this series of charts, we’ve included uncategorized single-author-publishers (who are basically all unconfirmed, low-selling indies) in the indie category. In 2015, we began tracking in our reports which… Read More In the Shadows

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A Small Resolution

So my problem with Gotprint was resolved. Sort of. They never admitted they had done anything wrong. There was no apology, nor any attempt to help me get the materials I needed. Instead, several days after my initial contact with them, there was a bland and confusingly-worded email offering me a discount or free reprint.… Read More A Small Resolution


Lawrence Block

If you are interested in the publishing world, how it is changing, and what a popular, well-known author has to say about it, you must read this. All Changed, Changed Utterly I don’t know where all of this is going—which gives me something in common with everybody else in the world. The publishing landscape is… Read More Lawrence Block


Just How Dead?

So, if I miss a deadline, is my project dead? Or me? Or… (Mirror-posted over at Amazing Stories Magazine) Reading, writing, researching… I am hard at work on the novel in progress, and looking at my deadline for completion coming up far too quickly. Writing is a tertiary career, at the moment, behind my business,… Read More Just How Dead?


The Monks Vs Gutenberg

The Monks Vs Gutenberg Publishing: it’s always been a hard business. If you aren’t with the establishment, you’re against them. Then, it was lavishly hand-illustrated manuscripts (ever watch Name of the Rose? No? Go, do it! You won’t be sorry, even though most of Eco’s work is unreadable). Now, it’s ebooks and indie publishers against… Read More The Monks Vs Gutenberg


“What tradition…

“What traditional publishers don’t seem to realize is that their traditions are actually quite recent, historically. What we are seeing is a shift from a 20th Century technological model that requires manufactured media back to the earlier tradition of artisan media. At one time (not so long ago, no more than six generations) artist production,… Read More “What tradition…

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Fling Open the Gates

Mirror-posted at Mad Genius Club today. I’ll begin this with two myths. First, that books and publishing need gatekeepers. This could be applied to oh, so much more in life, but I will stop there. The other, that gatekeepers must have the ‘right credentials’ or indeed, that anyone involved with writing must have them, from… Read More Fling Open the Gates