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  • Jeff Duntemann’s Dreamhealer

    Jeff Duntemann’s Dreamhealer

      Jeff is a wonderful, thoughtful writer who brings a strong sense of philosophy to his work. Dreamhealer is no different – it’s the tale of a man who can enter other’s dreams, and fight their nightmares for them. Unfortunately, when the being who sends the nightmares realizes who and what he is…  I’m really…

  • Review: Shorts N Stuff

    Review: Shorts N Stuff

    I’m seriously behind in my reviews. For that matter, I’m behind in my reading. Well, reading of fiction. This summer in between writing Tanager’s Fledglings, art, life, and other stuff, I’ve been reading such scintillating material as Molecular Biology of the Cell: Fifth Edition. I’ve also got my biochemistry and invertebrate zoology books. So yes,…

  • 2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

    2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

    A curated list of authors selected works and put them on sale, just for readers like you. If you’ve been waiting for the next fun read, or for a reason to Read Indie, this is that time. All the books are priced between $2.99 and $0.99, affordable ways to explore new worlds. You will find…