New Books Today!

I have a new release, but so do some friends and fellow authors, so you’ll have plenty to read this weekend!  Zombie Maggots is out just in time for Halloween! It’s available in ebook and paperback for your reading pleasure. If you’d like to know more about the writing process of it, check out my… Read More New Books Today!


Books, books, books

I’m going to be out of pocket this weekend. I’ll leave you with some reading material recommendations, so you’ll have something to keep you busy (heh).  Also, these are people I know, writing good stuff, and you might have missed the new releases they have!  First order of business! Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture releases… Read More Books, books, books


TulKon AAR

This was a first for me. Not just Tulkon, although I hadn’t attended this con before (for good reason, see below) but the pace of this spring’s conventions for me. I’ve done three cons in five weeks, starting with FantaSci at the end of March in North Carolina, where I was a guest. I’d followed… Read More TulKon AAR


Saturday Book Promo

  A roundup of books recently released by fellow authors. I mean, if you want one of mine, I have a story in Cracked, which is still free today! But I suggest that you may find something you’d like in the diverse offerings below. If you purchase through these links, I earn a few pennies.… Read More Saturday Book Promo

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Review: Shorts N Stuff

I’m seriously behind in my reviews. For that matter, I’m behind in my reading. Well, reading of fiction. This summer in between writing Tanager’s Fledglings, art, life, and other stuff, I’ve been reading such scintillating material as Molecular Biology of the Cell: Fifth Edition. I’ve also got my biochemistry and invertebrate zoology books. So yes,… Read More Review: Shorts N Stuff