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ETWYRT: Kate Paulk

Mirror-posted at the Otherwhere Gazette: Index page for the Eat This While You Read That! recipes is here. If there’s one thing I am sure Kate Paulk is tired of hearing, it is: ‘When is the next con book coming out?’  So I won’t say it. I’ll just look hard in her direction and think… Read More ETWYRT: Kate Paulk


Alterations and Tailoring

I was thinking this morning about fanfiction, plagiarism, and renovating vintage clothing into something beautiful. I read Mad Genius Club almost daily, as I find what the other bloggers there have to say about writing and publishing interesting and often useful. Kate Paulk’s post this morning about filing the serial numbers off, followed by Amanda… Read More Alterations and Tailoring



I was thinking today about this, wanting what I want, when I want it. Right now, I want to have the book I’m reading read, so I could write you, my beloved readers, a review of it. It’s enjoyable, if off my beaten path of genre, but it’s not fair to review a partially read… Read More Impatience