Sources and Stories

When I was writing Possum Creek Massacre, I was drawing from a lot of sources. Most of them unwritten. I did do a little research into the folklore of the area, and some into locales, although that was mainly to make sure there isn’t actually a town named Possum Creek in Kentucky (There isn’t, although… Read More Sources and Stories


The Accidental Novel

I did not intend for this story to become a full novel. My plan, and the Muse laughed, was to write another novella as a loose sequel to Snow in Her Eyes, and then another one after that, before finally writing bridges for the three to create a single novel. Yeah. Plans are great, but… Read More The Accidental Novel


The Pickle Saga

Here’s an improbable tale: a yankee girl with an addiction to fried pickles. I’m not really a yankee, but I’ve never lived further south than Oregon for any length of time, and I last lived far south when I was 4, in Homestead, FL. So whence the passion for fried pickles and smoked meat? Well,… Read More The Pickle Saga


Late Again

I think I have posted late every day this week. However, I have also written about 15K words on Trickster Noir, gotten a bunch of other things done, and it was my first full week off from school, so I will beg your pardons and try to do better next week. Tomorrow’s post is already… Read More Late Again


On the Road

I’m on the road to Kentucky this morning, in the rain, but I get three hours to talk to my First Reader, which I am looking forward to! My post is over at Mad Genius Club, if you’re looking for ideas to keep you writing even when a block shows up. I have this mental… Read More On the Road