Slowly we rise

    Part of my morning routine during the weekday involves making sure the teen boy in the house is fully conscious. He’s quite good at playing possum, so I’ve gotten equally good at being annoying and persistent. The exchange sometimes sounds like this:  knock, knock knock.  From within: moans knock, knock, knock “I’m up.” … Read More Slowly we rise


It’s a small life

There are days I let the blog go not only because I’m tired, overwhelmed, but because I have nothing significant to say. It’s a small life, after all. My world revolves around my kids, my husband, the dog, the house, sometimes the garden… and work, which I can’t really talk about here. So I don’t… Read More It’s a small life


Love is… Motherhood

I am a mother, four times over, so I can speak to the ways that love forms my relationship with my children, and how I’ve parented over the years. I’m not a father, hence the title. Some of these things may resonate with fathers, but men are different than women (quelle suprise!) so fatherhood is,… Read More Love is… Motherhood

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Snake Hubbub

It was a quiet afternoon here at the writer’s house. It was sunny, but not too warm, it was Friday, and relaxation was happening. Well, I was relaxing, at least. I was torn from my contemplation of the story I was writing by an excited voice. The girls are as big as I am now.… Read More Snake Hubbub


Looking Outside

One of the wonderful things about living out in the country again, after three years in town, is the wildlife. I had been surprised how much was going on at the little house in town, in no small part because our house was tucked into the corner of thick brushy hedgerows. But out here, you… Read More Looking Outside

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Lego my Men

I’m blogging to you from the kitchen counter. I decided that it was better late than never, when it came to this post, so while I am keeping a half an eye on dinner, I’m writing this post on my tablet. We’re having pierogis and sloppy joes. Not, to my relief, sloppy joe sauce on… Read More Lego my Men

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Old Lady Music

Yesterday morning, my son and I were hanging out while he was getting ready for school. I was playing music, as I find it helps him get moving in the morning. I usually try to pick happy up-tempo stuff, and to be honest it gets me moving, too. He was sitting at the breakfast bar,… Read More Old Lady Music


They’re Back!

The Geeky Kids ride again! I’ve returned from the long trip with stories, adventures, and three of my children. I’m exhausted. It’s so exciting to have them here, and I will reprise last year’s special summer blogs where we do geeky stuff and I write about it for other families with geeky kids to get… Read More They’re Back!